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Terrie Huberman, Intuitive Coach and Healer
Life Coaching Transformation; Readings: Psychic, Mediumship, Compatibility; Energy Healings; Property Cleansing & Blessings; Private In-Person, Remote, Groups & Events

Programs And Services

Psychic Intuition Session

Includes: Intuitive Psychic Guidance Reading (Potential timelines and possibilities) – Coaching- Breathwork Energy Shifting 30 min & 60 min sessions available.


Connect with your loved ones who have transitioned into the afterlife. You’ll hear evidence that your loved ones are around you bringing you comfort and closure and any messages they may want to share with you.  

SHIFT HAPPENS - transformational program

With blending a grounded approach to spirituality, coaching, science, and support, I teach you how to shift yourself into a receptive mode for abundance. You’ll no longer have to be at the chaos and whim of life or be a victim. You’ll learn to find your power through building your intuition and getting out of indecision.

Terrie comes from a family of intuitive women, and learned she was a medium when she started to investigate paranormal claims in various locations.
Terrie Huberman
Intuitive Coach and Healer
All You Need To Know

Who is Terrie Huberman?

Having taken many courses and certifications requiring vigorous study and validation in Psychic, Mediumship, IET®, guided meditations, Reiki, Jewish Energy Healing, and Akashic Records, she’s been publicly tested and validated as authentic and ethical and does it all with a side of compassion and kindness. Terrie specializes in a trauma informed approach which allows her clients to access their own intuition and get them into making empowering, clear decisions for themselves. In addition, she’s also had the honor of being one of the first people to get a certificate of clearance to work with law enforcement as a citizen informant that can help with any leads on cases using her skill-set.

She has a background in improv comedy so her approach to sessions will always include using humor; laughter is healing. She’s always open to growth and improvement so she continues to take courses in various metaphysical, energy, and healing modalities. What she knows is that it’s very important that her clients leave a session feeling better than when they came in.

Authentic & Compassionate

These sessions are personalized to suit your needs

One On One

Includes: Psychic Intuition Sessions, Mediumship Sessions, Transformation Coaching with SHIFT Happens


Submit a photograph and get an assessment of past, present, and future possibilities of compatibility.


Host a small group reading: In a 90-minute period attendees will receive either psychic or mediumistic messages from loved ones who have crossed over.

Parties & Events

Your guests will walk away entertained and blown away with this high energy, authentic experience.


SHIFT your energy by liberating trapped energy in the body, balancing anxiety to access your intuition.

Get unstuck and access your freedom, joy, and security.

Overcoming Break Ups

In this powerful course you’ll be able to clear blocked energy in your heart, so that you can move forward in an open, calm, expansive direction and with a clear mind to find a more loving partner who’s a better match for you. 

Fact About Me

I make a soul connection to you or a spirit contact with your loved ones in the afterlife. This allows me to bring you comfort, closure, and clarity so that you can get unstuck and access your freedom, joy and security.

Fact About Me

I have been on TV, radio, podcasts, and have publicly demonstrated my skills in various venues. I’ve been validated through public testing to be accurate and ethical.

Access Your Intuition And Get Out Of Indecision​

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Terrie Huberman

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Terrie Huberman

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Terrie Huberman

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