For the Spiritual, Deep Feeler, Who Has Anxiety:

Want To Break Free from Indecision And Reclaim Your Intuition To Navigate Life Confidently, But Can't Get Started?

Learn To Thrive In Chaos!

Here's How This Guide Will Help You:

  • Collect any scattered energy or racing thoughts

  • Train you to control your emotions

  • How to slow down from your fast paced day

  • Discover that you can sit still longer than you thought

  • Experience breath work in a way that works with your body

✨Hey spiritual empath...nice to meet you, I'm Terrie!

I am an intuitive healer and teacher, specializing in guiding individuals with heightened spiritual empathy.

My focus is on those who grapple with persistent anxiety and overwhelming sensitivity to emotions, and who often struggle with indecision, perceiving themselves as victims of circumstance, rather than creators of their reality.

Many of you view your sensitivities as a burden rather than a superpower, leading you to engage in overthinking, over analysis, and overworking as coping mechanisms for uncertainty.

My mission is to support you in transforming these challenges into strengths, helping you cultivate emotional resilience, access your intuition, gain control over chaos, and harness the laws of the universe for healing.

✨Ways We Can Work Together!

Soul Intelligence 12 Session

Transformation Program

Mediumship, Life Guidance,

& Energy Sessions

Online Courses, Events, Community and More...

Soul Intelligence

Transformation Program

Mediumship, Life Guidance,

& Energy Sessions

Online Courses, Events, Community and More...

✨Soul Intelligence

I believe your success as a spiritual, deep feeling empath who has anxiety, can be found through something I call SI:Soul Intelligence.  

It's a powerful, new, and unique system that activates your emotional mastery and resilience by transforming your energetic flow.

Reclaim your inner power...tap into your intuition...confidently navigate life's chaos.

✨Here's A Fraction of What You Get In This 12 Session Program:

  • A step-by-step method showing you how to connect to your Higher Soul for guidance.

  • A system showing you how to detach and learn to let go of circumstances out of your control.

  • Techniques for bringing your body into a calm & grounded state quickly.

  • Exercises to help you access your consciousness, different dimensions, and to jump into a different timelines.

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