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Who is Terrie Huberman?

With the understanding of how unhealed trauma blocks and creates patterns, Terrie makes a soul connection to you, or a spirit contact with your loved ones in the afterlife. This enables her to tap into energy so that she can bring messages of awareness, hope, comfort, and closure to you. She strives to help heal your emotional wounds through these channels and clears blocks towards goals by empowering you to be your best. A private one-on-one session or group reading with her will bring you the beginnings of awareness, change, possibility, and opportunity into your life. She’ll help you access freedom, joy, and security with support.

Over the past 15 years, I have received many certifications and taken a wide variety of courses in: Psychic Development, Mediumship, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®), Hypnosis, Reiki, Or Hachaim System of Energy Healing, Akashic Records, and Pranic Healing®. Due to the vigorous study and validation of these courses, I have been able to develop a unique and pragmatic approach to teaching people just like you how to gain control of the chaos in your life by using your energy field to heal and transform the human experience.

My system uses a grounded approach blending spirituality, trauma informed coaching, easy-to-grasp science, and dedicated support. I will teach you how to harness your physical and non-physical energy to clear, calibrate and balance your energy field, resulting in heightened clarity, grounded inner stillness, and increased spiritual connection.

I come from a family of intuitive women on my mom’s side. I’ve been psychic my entire life and learned I was a medium when I went into paranormal investigation and started communicating with Spirits. In October 2014, I became a professional Psychic Medium, helping people to connect with their loved ones in the afterlife and giving the living accurate life guidance. I loved doing that, though I still felt there was more that I could do to help people.

As a truth seeker, I had to follow the breadcrumbs of my soul. Being limited to only telling people their past/present/future just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. An inner calling to help people in other ways was brewing. That’s when I started taking energy healing courses and brought comfort and closure to my clients in a new, expansive way.

In February 2020, I had my first significant multidimensional experience that catapulted me into this new understanding of how time and reality work and what the role of human energy has in this relationship.

It all came together as I investigated, learned, and experienced what’s known as Quantum Spirituality (science-based theory that vibrations and frequencies of human consciousness create and manifest physical objects or life experiences.)

Since gaining a cosmic understanding of how to utilize and work with the Quantum Field (an invisible field of energy where every dimension and reality exists,) I’ve been experiencing dramatic transformation and empowerment in my life that I want to teach and share with others who are ready to heal. The simple truth is—if I can do it, so can anyone. You don’t have to be special to learn how to harness energy. It really is like having the secrets of the Universe at your fingertips.

So, that’s what I do! I help you CLEAR anxiety from your past, ALIGN your energy into the present and CREATE your future! My purpose and goal are to help YOU heal and expand in an approachable, easy-to-understand manner with a side of humor, compassion, and authenticity.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.  It’s my turn to learn about YOU!

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