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Who is Terrie Huberman?

what she does…

With the understanding of how unhealed trauma blocks and creates patterns, Terrie makes a soul connection to you, or a spirit contact with your loved ones in the afterlife. This enables her to tap into energy so that she can bring messages of awareness, hope, comfort, and closure to you. She strives to help heal your emotional wounds through these channels and clears blocks towards goals by empowering you to be your best. A private one-on-one session or group reading with her will bring you the beginnings of awareness, change, possibility, and opportunity into your life. She’ll help you access freedom, joy, and security with support. 

What she Has done Before…

Terrie has been on TV, radio, podcasts, and has publicly demonstrated her skills in various venues. It’s easy and enjoyable for her to speak in front of large crowds of people, allowing her to bring messages in a grand scale manner, or even in a cozy private one-on-one session. She’s pursued her passion for metaphysical arts in areas such as tarot cards, dowsing, astrology, psychometry, automatic writing, energy healing, mediumship,  Akashic Records, and has trained with many tutors from the Arthur Findley College in the UK and with high ranking detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Terrie Huberman

DaoCloud is an exciting, innovative minds centre collaborating on a mission for wellness.

Terrie Huberman

YourTango is a deeply purpose-driven digital publisher focused on love, relationships, emotional wellness, and self-empowerment.

Terrie Huberman

We review & test Psychics, Psychic websites, services, apps and other psychic products

Terrie Huberman

As a former skeptic and private investigator (who has been researching psychics and mediums for over 20 years now), I created this online resource to set a new, higher standard within the psychic and medium field.

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