January 24, 2018 Terrie Huberman

Automatic Writing Series: Shadow Self

Join Terrie as she guides you through the technique of meditation and automatic writing. You’ll get in touch with your higher self and discover your blockages in areas like relationships, money, and health so you can clear and integrate them to start moving forward, if you’ve been feeling stuck.

This is a healing class where you’ll discover the REAL you, and start operating from a place of divinity and authenticity.  Growth is not for weenies!  Prove to yourself you are not a weenie!

Classes will take place at Mostly Angels, LA and is $115 for the three, one hour sessions.

Week one 2/6: shadow self regarding relationships

Week two 2/20: shadow self regarding money

Week three 2/27: shadow self regarding health

Register for the series here: https://mostlyangelsla.com/workshops/2018/2/6/automatic-writing-series-shadow-self

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