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Welcome to The Portal with Terrie Huberman. This is the doorway to access the mystical and the spiritual in the everyday normal. Join me as I bring you into the fold of how to balance the mundane and the unknown to help you to find your freedom, security, and joy.

We’ll chat about various day-to-day topics and sit with all kinds of guests from believers to non-believers who are willing to share their paranormal & metaphysical stories and experiences, even if they’re creeped out by them, understand them, or even call BS on them.

Here we take the mundane of being human and give you access to a compassionate, authentic, and entertaining approach towards spirituality, personal development, wellness, and the paranormal. Buckle up for the ride.

GPS Of The Soul
Every human seeks connection. Here in our exclusive community of like-minded folks, 'GPS of the SOUL', we engage and connect through LIVE interactive sessions. We release trapped energy and journey together with support and guidance, not only celebrating each other, but also interacting with the Quantum Field (an energy field of all possibilities/outcomes), Infinite Intelligence, and the Divine to thrive in a life of freedom, joy, and security.

Here's what you get when you join for only $20 per month: *(4) Zoom links to LIVE sessions for New Moon/Manifestation, Energy Shifting, Group Reading, and a Wildcard session.*A special monthly energy video curated just for this group.*Various bonus materials and information.*A $20 Discount for a 30 or 60 private minute psychic reading. *

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