February 28, 2018 Terrie Huberman

Psychic Fun Night In Hollywood!

Psychic and Mediumship Gallery Readings, Hollywood, authentic, fun, compassionate, entertaining

Join professional psychic mediums Susan Schueler and Terrie Huberman for a lively evening of messages from the other side in this psychic and mediumship gallery reading. Susan and Terrie will begin  with connecting the you to your loved ones in Spirit and then move into doing fun audience psychic gallery readings! Bring your personal questions you’d like answers to and your sense of humor!

What can you expect from these psychic and mediumship gallery readings in Hollywood?

  • Authenticity
  • Fun
  • Compassion
  • Entertainment like no other!

Terrie Huberman is a well rounded, high energy, psychic and medium who has been validated as authentic and also has a background in improv comedy. When her two talents come together, it’s the perfect marriage of authenticity and compassion that’s off the cuff and full of fun and entertainment.  You’ll get authenticity like you’re never seen before: Real Readings, Real Funny!

This is a psychic and mediumship gallery reading you won’t want to miss!  Bring friends and family.

Tickets are $25

Purchase them here: st24.eventbrite.com

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