May 1, 2018 Terrie Huberman

Psychic Stand Up!

Comedy Marries Metaphysics!

Real Readings, Real Funny!

Psychic Stand Up- This is what happens when you marry metaphysics and comedy!

Psychic Stand Up is a collaboration of high quality, working comics and crowd tarot and psychic readings.

Come for the laughter, stay for a reading! I’ll be delivering messages from the spirit world. Real readings, real funny!

Producer Karen Rontowski’s fast-paced, quirky and charmingly optimistic comedy has been featured in clubs, TV, radio, and at corporate events all around the world.  Karen uniquely blends comedy with her experience as a Paranormal Investigator, Tarot and reikimaster. 

Join us on May 10 @7:30 pm at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA.  Tickets available for purchase $10.

Here’s the link:

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