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Terrie Huberman, Intuitive Coach & Healer

These Sessions Are Tailored To Suit Your Needs

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Psychic/ Intuition Session

Includes: Intuitive Psychic Guidance Reading (Potential timelines and possibilities) – Coaching- Breathwork Energy Shifting 30 min & 60 min sessions available.

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Connect with your loved ones who have transitioned into the afterlife. You’ll hear evidence that your loved ones are around you bringing you comfort and closure and any messages they may want to share with you.

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SHIFT HAPPENS - transformational program

With blending a grounded approach to spirituality, coaching, science, and support, I teach you how to balance anxiety to access your intuition; you’ll become more receptive for love, prosperity, and a healthier life.  You no longer have to be at the chaos and whim of life or be a victim. Discover your power and build your intuition while getting out of indecision.

Get unstuck and access your freedom, joy, and security.

Check out the ‘SHIFT HAPPENS’ tab on the top of this page to review the details. Afterwards, let’s hop on a complimentary call to see if I can help you (just click the button below).


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Submit a photograph and get an assessment of past, present, and future possibilities of compatibility. Perhaps you’re making a big purchase, considering a new romantic, business, or platonic relationship, or anything else that you’d need help in determining compatibility; picture readings are simple, easy, and will give you the info you need to make your decision. Sessions are via E-mail only.

small group readings and events


Host a small group reading: In a 90-minute period attendees will receive either psychic or mediumistic messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Perfect for holidays and various events.

Minimum 5 people- maximum 8 people.  20% non-refundable deposit required, and travel expenses may be applied.

Parties or events:

With reliable and legitimate card, psychometry, and photo readings, your guests will walk away entertained and blown away with this high energy, authentic experience.

Minimum of 2 hours for bookings. 20% non-refundable deposit required, and travel expenses may be applied. 

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The property first gets cleared of any known or unknown negative energy and then is blessed by activating beams of angelic energy in various places on the property using IET® energy. How many beams activated, depend on the amount of foot traffic activity and size of the property. Each beam unites Heaven on Earth and brings blessings of energetic alignment to anyone who passes through it, and provides them with a mini IET® session, clearing resistance to reaching their soul’s purpose. The more people who pass through a beam, the stronger it will grow.

First session done in person, follow ups can be done remotely.  

Access Your Intuition And Get Out Of Indecision​

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