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Top 5 ways to recognize a psychic scam artist

Admittingly, I’ve been had; I’m a victim of a psychic scam artist. And that’s because there are frauds out there; liars, cheats, and shills that will prey on your vulnerability.

I’ve written this so you can become empowered when choosing the right psychic for you. So here we go; the top 5 ways to recognize a psychic scam artist or fraud.

What to look for

be careful
#1- No refund is offered.

An authentic psychic gives a full or partial refund if connection to the spirit world isn’t made. And the sitter (receiver) will know this within 10 or so minutes of the reading. There are many reasons a connection isn’t made, and doesn’t mean it can’t be made in the future. If this happens, you should be reimbursed all or part of your money, if office policies were followed. (Just because a connection isn’t made, doesn’t mean they are not working, and still deserve to get paid for the time spent with you). It’s up to you, to let the psychic know early on in the reading that this sitting isn’t working for you, not at the end.

#2- It’s ‘too’ accurate.

No psychic or medium is always 100% accurate. Mistakes are made. Too many details are signs they may have looked up your information before your sitting. Please know though, that a good psychic WILL be able to get specific information and give you details; just not every single piece of information given, and not to a point where you are literally, in disbelief and shock.

#3- There are no references.

A good psychic has testimonials and people that will happily vouch for them and share their experience publicly or privately with anyone who wants to know about their authenticity or validity.

#4- You’ll have to return X amount of times before you get results.

No human can guarantee any amount of sessions will result in a specific outcome. This isn’t cookie cutter work. An authentic psychic will tell you to make your own decisions and empower you to do so. They will not make you dependent on them for answers, and won’t continue to take your money.

#5- You’re not comfortable.

It is that simple. Your instinct is telling you, that you can’t trust them. It’s important to believe that feeling you get and not ignore it..

You Matter

Choosing the right psychic is important because your vulnerability is at stake. Some will take advantage of you emotionally and financially. Be alert and informed.

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