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If you’re sensitive, ambitious, and anxious you can learn how to grab the reins of your anxiety and tap back into accessing your intuition! It’s time for you to start living an empowered existence filled with confidence, security, and abundant relationships.

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Your Instincts Can Guide You If You Let Them


With blending a grounded approach to spirituality, coaching, light science, and heavy support, I can help you shift out of indecision and into your intuition so that you no longer have to be at the chaos and whim of life. You don’t have to be a victim anymore, I’ll help you take your power back.

It’s possible to get unstuck and access your freedom, joy, and security no matter how sensitive, ambitions, and anxious you are.

Authentic and Compassionate

With The Right Support, Relief Is On The Way.


As a psychic and energy healer, I give everyone the answers they need, but nobody knows what to do with them AFTERWARDS. A one-time psychic reading can only get us so far, often times leaving us with more indecisions and anxiety.

When we live in anxiety, our confidence is blocked and it’s hard to trust ourselves.  There’s ABSOLUTELY NO connection to our intuition. We all possess one, but it gets shut down when we’re feeling defeated and out-of-control within our bodies, relationships, and everyday life.

This diminishes our energy leaving us feeling tired, angry, frustrated, hopeless, etc. Life is made up of daily decisions and when our intuition is shut down, it is nearly impossible to make good choices and “good feeling” decisions. 

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This Is How We Get There

I help you CLEAR anxiety from the past, ALIGN your energy into the present, & CREATE your future. Let’s complete any outdated karmic patterns that cause the blind spots keeping you from moving forward, and energetically calibrate and balance your energy field to shift your human experience. In the SHIFT Happens program you’ll learn how to manage and release your anxiety so you can become present, allowing you to connect to your intuition and experience the magic of living a life where you can truly trust yourself and your decisions drawing in the prosperity, relationships, career, that you want and thrive in mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Find out which package (4, 8, or 12 sessions) is best suited for you.


Feel more in control of ANY situation. Allow me to teach you about Quantum Spirituality and Law of Attraction Manifestation Applications that you can apply to any situation.


Feel more unity and wholeness in your physical body to aid you in grounding your intuition. Allow me to lead you in various somatic energy breathing and healing techniques. ​


Feel understood about what you do and why you do it. – Learn light neuroscience and quantum mechanics concepts to find out and see what they reveal about your human behavior.


Feel connected to the Divine. Receive psychic readings for guidance and experience the wisdom of your Higher Self and Guides.


Feel understood about what you do and why you do it. – Learn light neuroscience and quantum mechanics concepts to find out and see what they reveal about your human behavior.​

Bottom line: being sensitive, ambitious, and anxious can keep you stuck in life.  You’ll learn the energetic programming patterns that block you from success, discover the blind spots hidden within you, and apply your upgraded energy shifts into intuition building to create your new reality.

How It Works

Added bonuses:  You can get a 10-minute psychic reading during your session and if you participate in the 12-session package, you can also join ‘GPS of The Soul’ a quantum spirituality community, for the months that we are working together. 

  • We meet LIVE online through Zoom for an interactive and private one-on-one session.
  • Each session is (1) hour.
  • 4, 8, and 12 session package options to choose from.
  • In between session ‘check-in’ support available for a 12-session package.

Access Your Intuition And Get Out Of Indecision​

Now, you might be wondering what makes this program different from others…When working with me, you get authentic feedback and compassion with a side of humor.  It’s REAL. It’s PRAGMATIC. It’s PERSONALIZED.  You are unique and therefore your program should be created just for you.

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Working With Terrie​

Rest assured, during our complimentary phone conversation, I want to hear what you have to say, I’ll make sure to answer all of your questions.

I’m so grateful for this work; It’s humbling to witness my clients, just like you, becoming the people they always wanted to be, reaching their goals, and finding peace and happiness. It makes me want to do this work more and more.  I know you can find your way out of anxiety and indecision and learn to trust yourself moving towards your brightest future.  And as we work together, I can know this FOR you, until YOU can know this for yourself. And you will!

It’s my honor to work with you so that I can help you discover your own answers and access your personal reliable and dependable inner guidance system. Even if you’re nervous about this journey, I promise to support you, so you don’t feel alone as you shift your way into a new reality. 

Stay connected, Terrie.

Find the service you want, then select the date and time.

Happy Clients

I am a textbook introvert, and her warm and fun personality immediately created a safe environment for me. She helps me really take a moment to zone in and go with what I feel vs. what I think. I have a tendency to start spinning in my mind. She has a unique way of picking up on the type of personality you have, and how best to approach you, in order to help and not shut you down. I believe working with her is worth every penny. I have yet to be disappointed in her.
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Viktoria Bozoski
Terrie is the coach I didn’t know I needed but always wanted. Over the past year I have known Terrie, she has helped me recognize my gifts and develop them through tangible exercises in a safe environment. I always know that my comfort, is the driving force behind her desire to coach and the gateway to my success. She creates a platform where I find and clear my outdated belief systems and points me on a path to “aha” moments. I would climb over a hill or swim across an ocean to find the peace, encouragement, knowledge and raw energy that Terrie brings to my experience.
Find Your Blind Spot and Get Out Of Indecision Back Into Your Intuition — Terrie Huberman Intuitive ...1
Jenny Pashalides
Terrie Huberman is an amazing, kind individual with a great sense of humor. It has been my experience that she is non-judgmental and always looking for ways to support you in finding your way. I truly believe that working with Terrie is beneficial no matter what situation you are going through. I look forward to my continued personal growth with Terrie’s unconditional support and guidance.
Find Your Blind Spot and Get Out Of Indecision Back Into Your Intuition — Terrie Huberman Intuitive ...
Vanessa Cordero

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