Why do you have to make time for change to happen?

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It doesn’t matter your age you’ve been you a LONG time.

How old you are now, minus how old you were when you were born, is how long you’ve been you. (Insert cheese factor here – but you get my drift.)

You’re you. And you’ve been you for a LONG time.  You do things a certain way. You speak a certain way. You experience in a certain way. You are you because of how you were raised by your caregivers when you were a kiddo, the environment/community you grew up in and currently live in, the choices you’ve made and are making, and the experiences you’ve had


How old you are now, minus how old you were when you were born, is how long you’ve been you. (Insert cheese factor here – but you get my drift.)


It doesn’t matter your age you’ve been you a LONG time.


By the time you’re 35 years old your hardware has been designed and built.  Your operating system runs the way it does based on that design, and your files are in those programs. Most of us don’t know how to build a computer…humans don’t come with a manual.


Throughout your lifetime you’ve become more you. And the more you are you, the less you are your present. And the present, is where possibility lives.


For most folks, it’s easy to upload apps and start using those right away with fantastic results, in a real computer.  The human operating system, well, it operates differently.


Years and years (depending how old you are) of programming have been installed in us. As a matter of fact, there are programs on top of programs building those filing systems. A lot of those files are labeled easily; files like happiness, fun, gratitude, peace. Harder files, deeper into the programs are files like anger, resentment, betrayal, abandonment, shame, neglect, etc.


Often times when trying to find certain files, we have to do a search and when we do, we see that we have to dig deep down the file branches to access a particular file we need.  Not to mention, sometimes the computer has a corrupt file and shuts the whole system down.


Are you starting to pick up what I’m putting down?


The programs we have in our heads are belief systems, attitudes, habits, states of being…I could go on.  All of those things create your personality.  Dr. Joe Dispenza calls your personality your personal reality.


It takes a lot of time to search for particular files and so often we’ll come across one we didn’t even know we had, we thought it was already deleted. And that file that caused system shutdowns and it’s still freaking active! (Damn surprises, ugh.)


It took you many, many years to become you. That’s a lot of programming to unfold. Even more so is unpacking each file; were the files saved in the proper folders? Are some files ok to be zipped for easy distribution?  Some may be too large to save or even download.


It can be painful to find the right files and correctly organize them; it takes courage to open the file, to review it, to correct any errors, to save the file AGAIN, and then restore the file in the right program.  That’s what we’re doing when we make the choice to create change our lives.


Change takes time.  There is no secret sauce. It is a process. It’s a process of unlearning everything you know and then correcting errors while creating a new, healthier version of your file.  All those years of conditioning led you to choices that resulted in experiences and of course, wisdom (either positive or negative).


As you unfold in your process, you need to integrate the energy shifts that take place within you and outside of you; that’s a layer of programming that’s been recalibrated.  And of course, that results in deeper levels with new discoveries. 


It will take you your whole human lifetime to discover yourself, so change really, is constant; that is, if you’re human-ing the ‘right way’.  I say right way because the soul craves evolution and if you’re not making any kind of change in your life, your soul will kick your ass in a big way that doesn’t feel very good, just so that you do make some sort of change.


Change is scary, I totally get it.  I’m not a big fan of change myself…at least at the beginning.  It involves getting ugly honest with yourself about what’s not working in your life, who’s not fitting in with your programs and apps, and other unknown discoveries, and it means some action needs to be to have a different experience, outcome, or result.


Once changes are made and settle down, we see fully and completely the benefits. It just takes time. 


I was never a person to sugar coat information, all of my clients know this and appreciate this.  There’s no other way to say this other than just saying it:  Change takes time and action because you’ve been you for so long, so redesigning yourself takes patience, courage, and kindness to and with yourself.  AND, you’re the only one that can do what needs to be done to get what you want or to feel what you want to feel – you – just you.


So, no, change doesn’t happen overnight. It took you years to become you, it’s not going to take you five minutes to unbecome you.  Don’t be unrealistic. Be practical, pragmatic, compassionate, loving, and understanding enough to overcome yourself. You’re going to have to want your life to be different MORE THAN how it is now…and that takes time to unravel and discover.


It may feel like it’s not doable, but it is. It totally is. You can be a phoenix that rises from the ashes…you just have to want it bad enough.

Terrie Huberman is a publicly tested and validated psychic spiritual advisor based out of Los Angeles, California and works online internationally as well. Her readings reflect a root cause approach to help women get out of indecision and find their courage and strength to access their intuition and alleviate blocks towards reaching their goals. She’s on Instagram and Facebook at @intuitivecoachterrie.


Visit her website https://www.terriehuberman.com/transform and schedule a complimentary discovery session and learn how she can guide you into a thriving life of freedom, joy, and security.

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